The BP Wiz Book Publishing Wizard is the first web-based book proposal writing software, publisher search and the first ever publisher submission guidelines wizard all in one. BP Wiz helps the user with the 3 most important initial steps in getting their book published. 1. Completing the book proposal 2. Finding the right publisher 3. Submitting the proposal to the publisher based on their specific submission guidelines.

BP Wiz was launched in March 2011 after founder David Borish began writing his own book proposal a few months earlier and was frustrated that there was no software on the market to help him with the process. After the launch, David spoke with publishers and writers and found out that there were other problems with the book proposal writing and submission process. Writers expressed that they had a problem finding and following the different publisher submission guidelines and publishers expressed that 90% of the time writers submitted their proposals without following their guidelines. So to solve both problems, BP Wiz added a publisher search and the first submission guidelines wizard into the BP Wiz software.

By using the publisher search and submission guidelines wizard, users are taken step-by-step through the process of finding a publisher and completing the proposal to meet the publishers' specific submission guidelines-saving writers time and avoiding errors in the submission process. This gives writers a greater chance of getting their proposals accepted by publishers.